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Agile Tool Partners

Atlassian tools are perfect for teams requiring multiple solutions that can grow together into an Enterprise deployment.

With Jira Agile, Confluence, Hipchat, Service Desk and more, Atlassian tools fill any need and integrate perfectly with one another to make the perfect suite of solutions.

Ruckworks is partnered with the top Agile tool vendors in the world! 

Atlassian and Axosoft each have their own strengths.

Let us figure out which solution is right for your team. We'll install it, configure it, maintain it, and coach you on how to use it efficiently!

If you want something that's easy to install and maintain, with a beautiful and intuitive User Interface, Axosoft is your solution. 

Axosoft is perfect for nimble Agile teams that need to get up and running right away. With an easy to configure reporting dashboard for both your team and customer, Axosoft is a collaborative tool with the shortest learning curve on the market.