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Q. Why choose Agile over other methodologies?
 A. Agile was specifically developed to improve the results teams got from other methodologies, and because a central tenet of Agile is to continuously improve, it ensures that it stays the best.

Unlike other methodologies, Agile prioritizes what really matters in the end: 
  • People over Process
  • A product that works
  • Value delivered to the customer
  • Rapid response to change
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A. Mat: Green, Garren: Blue.... 
Will: Hates gummy bears.

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Q. Can I implement Agile myself?

A. You can! HOWEVER, it has been our experience that customers that attempt a solo implementation experience these issues:
  • Lots of wasted time in meetings
  • Continued reporting to a single person
  • Projects take longer than before
  • Impeded collaboration

Most of the time these customers come back towards the end of a project needing immediate help to salvage it. In addition, they have lost the buy-in they had from their team, and it becomes that much more difficult to implement. 
Q. Is Agile effective for remote workforces?

A. Agile is the best methodology for remote workforces because it:
  • Get’s your team used to collaborating daily.
  • Holds people accountable for their work.
  • Promotes open communication.

Tracking work is often one of the hardest parts of using remote workforces. The tools we represent allow you to track work naturally and easily.

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Q. Is Agile only for software organizations?

 A. No! Agile is extremely flexible, and can be applied to any business or industry. It is simply a set of guiding principles to keep you focused on what's most important. 

We have helped implement the Agile methodology in a wide variety of companies and industries. It drastically improves efficiency and organization across any discipline.

Contact us if you're curious how it'd be used in your organization.
Q. What is the difference between Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.

A. Agile is a methodology, or way of thinking and leading that focuses on collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement.

Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, XP, etc. are frameworks that help you do Agile. Each one emphasizes it's own principles and therefore some will fit a team better than others. 

Contact us to find out which on is right for your organization. 
Q. What does a typical customer engagement look like?

A. Although not required, most customers choose a combination of both methodology and tool implementation. This is the best way to ensure the success of your implementation.

Phase 1: Discovery
We analyze your organization and work with you to decide what exactly your needs are and how we can help you be as successful as possible.
Phase 2: Implementation
We acquire the licensing for your tool and begin the installation and configuration. In parallel, we begin coaching your team on the framework you've decided on with our direction. 
We ensure your organization understands all the roles involved. Initially we perform these roles, but quickly assign them to qualified and willing team members, followed by one-on-one coaching to ensure they excel. 
Lastly, we make sure your team understands the tool you have chosen so that they can use its full functionality with success.
Phase 3: Transition
We begin stepping away and transitioning to a self-sustaining environment. We are still there making sure nothing catastrophic occurs, but this is when your team really begins to shine on their own!
Phase 4: Maintenance 
We enter a maintenance role in which we are available for questions and support should your team or tool require it.
Q. What makes you experts?

A. Our founders alone have over 20 years of combined experience improving organizations through the use of methodologies.

In addition, we were chosen by 3 of the top tool vendors in the world to represent them as trusted Experts. To be chosen, we underwent rigorous testing and onboarding to ensure our expertise. 

We also have extensive experience performing successful Agile transformations across organizations of all sizes and in a myriad of industries.

Don't take our word for it though, visit our homepage and read the testimonials from our very happy customers.
Q. Can Ruckworks support me if I’m out of state?

A. Yes! We specialize in working remotely and supporting organizations that we have never met in person. Our own organization works about 50% of our time remotely!

Even though we're experts at remote work, we are always available to come on-site as well.



Q. How do I know when my implementation is complete?

A.  Since you're always continually improving with Agile, your transformation is never complete. However, you will begin seeing marked improvement after the third sprint. It is at this point that we transition to a self-sustaining Agile environment where we take on a purely maintenance role.

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